About SGA

About SGA

SGA Production Services is one of the nation’s leading full-service event production companies for venues and clients across the entertainment and event industries.

SGA was launched in the early 1980's by Mark Reed to provide audio and lighting for local entertainment venues. Fueled by Michigan's auto industry, the business moved into the corporate meeting and event space, and expanded its offerings to include staging and videowalls. By 1990, SGA had created the rental market for high quality audience risers, and high quality staging and seating became the sole focus. 

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta provided an opportunity for SGA to break into sports seating with the acquisition of a portable stadium seating system manufactured by Alto Seating in the UK. Over the next ten years, SGA solidified its place in high profile sports seating, with the 2002 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies, several SuperBowls and NCAA tournaments, World Wrestling, outdoor hockey and Formula One racing. 

In 2006, Mark Reed retired and sold the business to Hadley Capital. The core management team stayed on, and the face of SGA has remained largely unchanged until 2009 when the company acquired ASI and ASU, allowing us to add drapery and scenic to our offerings. Most recently, SGA's Scenic department has expanded its focus to include major construction projects at local theme parks.

Today, with over one hundred employees and six locations across the country, SGA has the size, diversity and expertise to deliver high quality products and services throughout the entertainment and event industries.